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On Getting Back Up….. November 15, 2011

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Both Sayward and myself have had the experience of being bucked off a pony in the past couple of weeks.

Yes, we need to find and solve the issue of what is bothering our normally friendly dude, but that isn’t my focus here.

My focus is when you fall, ya need to get back up folks!

This can apply to pretty much any experience in life, but for now I will stick with the horseback riding example.

I’ve ridden plenty of horses in my time, and I have also taken plenty of falls.  More than I care to admit, actually.

And I fully accept that it is part of the game.

High risk sport?  Yes.

Can it be done safely? Yes

Are emergency dismounts a wonderful skill to possess?  Yes

Is it worth getting upset about? No

Since I started riding again after a decade off, I’ve been kinda nervous.  And I’m sure my equine friends can sense that.  But my dear friend Spanky reminded me of something.

Falling off isn’t a big deal.  (Providing you aren’t hurt, of course!)

And it looks a lot scarier to those watching than it is for the one doing it.

Sure, falls can injure you at times.  Thus far I have never been seriously injured falling off of a horse.  (Knock on wood)

The point is, get up, dust the manure off your pants, (or spit the dirt out of your mouth in Sayward’s case)  and get back on.

 Just like a bike.