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New Pants….. April 4, 2011

Posted by boaktree in Upcycling.....
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Recently my girls were given a large bag of hand-me-downs to go through.  In that bag were a pair of shorts that Liam absoultely loved.  However, I think they were about a girls size 14.  Most definitely not going to fit someone who still wears a size 3.

So, I did what any crafty/thrifty/resourceful Mama would do in this situation.  Grabbed my fabric scissors and cut into those suckers.

The result? A size 3ish pair of capris.

Their new owner approves of them fully. We had planned on having him model them, but when you are three naps happen unexpectedly some days.  So, this is the best modeling pic I managed.

I do believe they will be perfect for the warm days we are bound to start having soon.