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On Celebrating……. November 12, 2012

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This weekend I had the honour of helping to put on a surprise birthday party for my Papa.

To Celebrate his Eightieth Birthday.  How lucky am I?

My Papa has led a full and successful life.  He has a large family who adores him,  a wife with whom he obviously shares a deep and lasting love, and is still farming despite having “retired“ a couple of years ago.

Yup, pretty full and successful life, if you ask me.

I admire this man alot.  I spent much of my formative years following him around his farm, riding in tractors and combines with him, tagging along as he worked in his shop or did the barn chores.  I have fond memories of chewing wheat until it turned to gum, giant snow igloos, tire swing rides and walks to the cabin.  I have less fond memories of “watch pigs” and attempting to ride bikes that steer from the rear wheel.  Yes, he is a creative man, my Papa…….

Yes, I admire this man alot.  So at this party, I asked him if he had any advice for the rest of us, any words of wisdom.

He answered me this…..

“First, you need a good wife.  That’s really important in life.  And if you have something you love to do, then stick with it and work hard at it.  If you do that, you should be okay.”

Pretty good advice, if you ask me.

I love you Papa.  Cheers to you!



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