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On Being Grateful….. December 4, 2011

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Today I want to share with you some of the things I am grateful for.

Today, I am grateful for…

A much needed day off.  Or, almost off, the toddler is still here, but my he is soooo relaxed today without his siblings around!  It’s been such a relaxing day thus far!

Having enough.  More than enough, really.  We are very blessed.

The opportunity to tour Station One.  Hats off to the Brotherhood. 

The chance to catch up with a good friend I don’t see often. 

Being able to go to my barn and just bask in the company of my animal friends.  No expectations out there.  Well, other than that I please feed them? lol

Family.  Always, this is on my list.

Shopping with my sister.  I cannot stand malls and crowds, however, it is always fun to shop with her, and the seven children.  And, she looks really, really pretty in bunny ear hoodies.  Not sure why she didn’t take my advice on that one.

The chance to just hang out with my husband.  We don’t get this often.

A chance to have a quiet house, so that I can remember that I really do love the life and energy a family of six creates.  Breaks are still good, though.

A moment to write.  This often is on the back burner for me, with all of life’s other demands.  I am grateful for my writing ability, as well as the time to devote to it.

Being here, in this exact place and time.  I am always grateful for this.