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Four…. November 23, 2011

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Liam is four years old today.


Oh my.

My passionate, intense young man.  I love  him so very much, and am so very blessed to have him in my life.

We celebrated by….

Enjoying breakfast table gifts!  These lovely little things have already brought hours of fun, and are loved by all four of our children.  Wonderful kijiji find!  Love kijiji.

The girls also each gave Liam gifts, things of their own that they knew he would love (as he loves playing with them), and things that they made. It is so lovely, seeing the thought and care that they put into the gifts they give one another.  Such beautiful young people they are.

Taking cupcakes to playgroup to share with friends…

Lunch at Tim Horton’s.  The boy does love his sandwhiches.

Dinner with friends….which consisted of a fairly raised, free range bird from our own flock.  Let me explain that Liam has been waiting to eat one of the birds for awhile now, asking me on a regular basis when he would get to.  While they were still living he even offered to shoot them with his bow and arrow, because he just really, really wanted to eat one.  Yes, it is obvious the boy does not share my views on food.  And yes, that is perfectly okay with me. 

Cake, of course there was cake!

Liam recieved some lovely gifts, most of which were previously loved.  A wonderful way of giving gifts, if you ask me. 

We also had visits from two out of three sets of grandparents after dinner, making for a very wonderful day full of love.

Liam is one happy young dude today.  And, he informed me that his legs grew longer overnight. You know, because he is four and all.

Did I mention how much I love this boy?


Today…. November 20, 2011

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Wasn’t such a great day in my life.

It went like this.

Take kids to church.  Only toddler will not stop spazzing.  So, I leave early, in hopes that a nap will improve the toddlers mood.  (It did not, he woke up and spazzed for the rest of the day pretty much.  So happy for bedtime today!)

Try to work on the freaking hated curtains I have been attempting to make for the windows in our house.  Oh my, I just want to buy some.  I’ve realized over the past year that I really DO NOT like sewing very much.  Not much at all.  In any case, two windows did end  up with some curtains today, not that I’m overly happy with the result.  Blah.

People come to see the horse I am trying to sell.  The normally calm, docile horse.  Who turned into some kind of maniac today for unknown reasons.  Obviously I did not make the sale since I wouldn’t even allow the young lady to ride due to the horse acting like she’d rather join the rodeo than have a nice walk/jog around the arena like she normally does. This is the horse who just yesterday was behaving wonderfully for her ten year old rider.  Why? (Why am I starting to believe that the Universe wants ME to keep this horse?)  “Dear Universe, I really don’t want to keep her, really.  Please send her next owners my way, I know the right person is out there!”

My whole family has been feeling agitated today.  I feel stressed, the toddler has been way whiny and off,  Anson feels as I do, the preschooler has been whiny and oppositional (okay that’s most days, but still).  Not sure what is up, but omg it was even effecting the horse and ponies!

So, now that I have locked myself in my office to vent to you all (or myself if no one reads my blog lol) I’ll move on to my point.

Today was not such a great day in my life.  We get those sometimes right?  I mean, okay so I had a kinda bad day, I’m feeling whiny and stressed and just overwhelmed with life in general.


I had today.  I have a life, a very beatiful one in fact.  And I love it very, very much.

And tomorrow I get a new today, that I can do anything I want with.  And I’m going to choose to be happy. 

Because even on our not so good days, or even our really, really horrible days, we always have a choice. 

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: “I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.  I can choose which it shall be.  Yesterday is dead, tomorrow has not arrived yet.  I have only one day, today, and I am going to be happy in it.”

Groucho Marx

I first saw that quote while I was house/horse sitting years ago.  I was eighteen and about four months pregnant with my first child.  The woman I was house sitting for had it posted on her fridge,  and I hastily scribbled it down in my diary/book of quotes/crazy embarrasssing ratty old book I can’t believe I haven’t burned yet.  It came to be something I thought of quite often, and have never forgotten during the rough times in my life.

And it’s so true. 

Stuff doesn’t happen to us.  It happens for us.

On Getting Back Up….. November 15, 2011

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Both Sayward and myself have had the experience of being bucked off a pony in the past couple of weeks.

Yes, we need to find and solve the issue of what is bothering our normally friendly dude, but that isn’t my focus here.

My focus is when you fall, ya need to get back up folks!

This can apply to pretty much any experience in life, but for now I will stick with the horseback riding example.

I’ve ridden plenty of horses in my time, and I have also taken plenty of falls.  More than I care to admit, actually.

And I fully accept that it is part of the game.

High risk sport?  Yes.

Can it be done safely? Yes

Are emergency dismounts a wonderful skill to possess?  Yes

Is it worth getting upset about? No

Since I started riding again after a decade off, I’ve been kinda nervous.  And I’m sure my equine friends can sense that.  But my dear friend Spanky reminded me of something.

Falling off isn’t a big deal.  (Providing you aren’t hurt, of course!)

And it looks a lot scarier to those watching than it is for the one doing it.

Sure, falls can injure you at times.  Thus far I have never been seriously injured falling off of a horse.  (Knock on wood)

The point is, get up, dust the manure off your pants, (or spit the dirt out of your mouth in Sayward’s case)  and get back on.

 Just like a bike.

On Life….. November 12, 2011

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Yes, I am aware I have not posted since August 28th. Life happens.

For me, so much life was happening that I haven`t blogged. I haven`t crafted. I have been doing less, but doing better. Spending more time in conversation with my children, spending more time cooking and baking. Less time being stressed. More time being happy. Simply living moment to moment, and loving so very many moments of it all.

Life is all about the ebb and flow.

Some moments we have daylight. Some moments we have night.
Some moments we have summer. Some moments we have winter.
Some moments we have beautiful weather. Some moments it storms.
Some moments we are youthful and in good health. Some moments we are aging or sick.
Some moments we are productive. Some moments we are still.
Some moments we laugh. Some moments we cry.
Some moments our needs are met. Some moments they may not be.
Some moments we feel complete. Some moments we feel loss deeply.
For some brief moments, we are alive here, just as we should be. And someday, each of our moments to leave will come.

Life is made up of moments, and each one happens as it should.

Just go with the flow…..

The world is still spinning in it`s perfect place in the universe, and I am still hanging out on it, in my perfect place in the universe.

We all are.