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What a Vacation Consists of…… August 28, 2011

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Today I’m going enthral you all with a tale of just what exactly a “vacation” consits of in my world.

Are you ready for this?

In my world, a vacation consists of……

Over $260 dollars worth of (overly processed and therefore special and fun) food crammed into two vans and several coolers.  We buy ahead of time and take it with us because everything is way overpriced in the small local town to where we rent our cottage.

One princess sister.  Definately the highlight of the week.

Seven children.  Yes, seven.

One husband.  Who only stayed for one day.

Two parents who visited for a couple of hours each day.  As they ever so kindly put it, it was rather “lively” considering those seven children.  They can only handle so much.

One inch long sliver in the three year old’s foot.  Eeks.

One ten year old falling down the rocks and into the water due to a non-malicious shove from her brother.

One bruised hand on a very curious one and a half year old.

One goose egg on aforementioned three year old’s forehead.

More screaming than anyone would care to listen to from various sources throughout the week.

Constant narrative on how everyone is hungry.  All.the.time.

Boiling water to handwash dishes.  Blah.

Learning how to maintain a compostable toilet. Ahem. Fun.

Bathing small children in an inflatable boat filled with water.  Not overly effective.

A visit from a very special cousin.  Who was ever so entertaining, as usual.

An aromatic outhouse.

Three very friendly ducks that were fed too much bread.

Being witness to several arguments over My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets.  Why?

A conoe ride with two ten year olds, a three year old and a toddler (who only came along because he couldn’t stand the sight of me paddling away) on which we became stuck on a large rock.  While my Dad simply watched and laughed.  So helpful.

Tiger Tail icecream.  Only place I ever eat it.

Stunning views of the Moon River.

A soggy wild mushroom fight.

Blank stares.

Awesome evenings spent with my sister.  Who is ever so funny

It may not have been very relaxing……but it was an awesome time.


Try Something New…. August 14, 2011

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This summer I tried something completely new to me.  So new, in fact, that a few months ago I was appalled that this task was being asked of me, and did not believe I was up to the challenge.

This summer I coached a junior baseball team.  And it was freaking awesome.

This is how it all shook down.  We signed our eldest child up for ball just as we did the previous summer.  No biggie there, I could totally handle taking her to a couple of games a week and playing with the younger kids on the playground while she had her game.  Only her team didn’t have a coach.  So an old neighbor of ours who organizes much of the minor ball around here called Anson, asking him if he’d be able to coach.

He agreed.

Then told me about it.  I wasn’t overly impressed, as many of her games were going to be at six in the evening, and I knew he would not be able to be there on time.  I said as much, and wondered aloud how on earth I would be able to handle this task when A) I knew nothing, and i mean nothing, about the game, B) I have a really hard time with names and was honestly concerned about not remembering the kids names,  and C) I would have three non players with me, one of whom is a seriously needy and tantrum prone toddler.  Right.  Good times, I thought.

But it really was good times.  Excellent times, actually.  Coaching that team with my man this summer was a ton of fun, and we intend to do it again.  Really, with four kids who will likely all play, why not?

And I had those names down pat by the end of the first game, though there is still much for me to learn about the game and scorekeeping.

That all said, I learned a ton this summer.

I learned that……

When you don’t have enough members for a team because of kids who move away or quit the team early in the season, and you aren’t able to get help from the organizers of the teams, step up and do something about it.  The kids don’t want to forfeit, so better find yourself some new team mates, coach.  I did, (ten minutes before a game I might add) in the form of a friend of ours who had missed sign up, and our younger daughter, who wasn’t overly happy about joining in the beginning, but went on to have a great season.

Most of the young ladies on our team like the smell of gasoline. (Random tidbit of info given to me one evening by our youngest member, quickly agreed upon by many others.)  So do I.  And yes, we talked about the fact that we still shouldn’t sniff it.

The amount of skill a child can gain in a season is amazing.  I was so impressed.

Playing a team sport is so not about winning.  But it still feels awesome watching it happen for them.

Coaching your kids team makes you really, super cool in their friends eyes, and as a bonus, watching their friends win their championship game made a couple of young friends of ours decide to join up next year.  Whoohoo Owen and Talia!

Watching your daughter hit her first home run at the championship game rocks.  She was so proud of herself!  Watching her do it again during the next inning was just crazy.  She definitely played her personal best.

Some teeny tiny players think it’s super funny to tease their coach by pretending they are going to hit her in the legs while practicing swinging.  Stinker.

Enlisting the help of Grandma’s is a lifesaver.  Both for help with aforementioned high maintenance toddler, and with coaching.

Having another parent assist is necessary.  I so could not have managed without the help of another Dad out there.

It’s very hard to scorekeep with several young people talking to you.

There are a lot of rules to this game.  A lot.  I still don’t know them all, but plan to learn.

Kids talk a lot.  That’s okay, so do I.

Kids are awesome.  I’ve always known this about my own kids, but everyone else’s kids are awesome too.

I’m sad the season is over.  Not so much because I’m going to miss the games, fun as they were, but because I’m going to miss the kids.  We had a seriously awesome group of young people on our team this season, and I’m going to miss seeing them each week.

Cheers, Green Eagles.  It was great learning with you guys, you totally rocked my summer.