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The Big Picture….. July 28, 2011

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So here’s the deal.  When I went into this challenge, I didn’t take into account something.  That something?  The fact that we are here to have fun.  It’s the whole point of life.  Living in the moment.  And to some people, a big part of enjoying your moments is feeling good in your own skin.  Representing your SELF with your style.  I hadn’t taken that into consideration when I put restrictions on our shopping.  I had thought that we could buy new(to us) clothes at value village and such, but hadn’t really given a thought to things like undergarments, accessories and bathing suits. I had hoped the need for these things wouldn’t come up during the year, but let’s be honest, there are six of us in this family.

I guess I wasn’t really looking at the big picture. 

The big picture being this.  I am a twenty nine year old woman, who recently remembered what it is like to get dressed with more in mind than how easy an outfit is to nurse in discreetly.  I remembered what it is like to dress in certain things because they make me feel good about ME.  And I realized, however belatedly, that I am raising two young ladies who also care a great deal about how they represent themselves, and each have their own totally individual style.  Upon realizing this, I promised them I would assist them in vamping up their “looks.”

As a side note, I also realized that I NEED a new bathing suit.  As my old one has completely stopped being stretchy.  Makes for opportunity for embarrassment there, don’t you think?

So, we are going shopping.  Some of the items we buy will not be second hand, as I refuse to buy a bathing suit or undies second hand.  I’m just not that hardcore.  Of course we will be hitting up value village as well…..but you get the picture.  I’m a big fat failure at my own freaking challenge.  Meh.

So while maybe I haven’t lived up to my own expectations, I have learned something at this half way mark in the year.

Things aren’t as black and white as we think they are.  Whatever your cause is, there is always a grey area.  For me this grey area comes in realizing that while I want to walk as gently upon our beautiful planet as I possibly can, I also am here to live in the moment and enjoy life.  And sometimes enjoyment is found in painting your toenails bright purple, dying your hair,  buying a new bra, or enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.

I could potentially live my entire life attempting to cause absolutely no harm to our home planet and it’s inhabitants, while also feeling quite deprived of some of the niceties this age on our earth has to offer.  And while there are many niceties I have no interest in, there are some I would very much miss.

Or I can do this.  I can live in a way that is comfortable to me, being conscious of my choices at all times, even if i acknowledge that some of those choices are less than ideal.  If all of us made this small effort, the effort to boycott those things we don’t support, and pick and choose the things we do, it will have far more of an impact than one persons individual, though very admirable effort of a lifetime ever could.

So, are you with me?  I still plan on my “challenge” being with me every day, every purchase I make.  But I am, at times, going to cheat, or modify the rules, to suit my family and situation.

Yup, that’s me.  Total rule breaker.  Such a rebel…..



1. marian - July 28, 2011

Yup – it’s about making the best decisions you can on a daily basis. Living in a family means a lot of compromise and negotiating about what’s important, what’s doable, what’s necessary, etc. In our house, it means that we eat meat – ’cause legumes are just not OK for some of us – so we choose meat as ethically as we can. Painting our nails, but trying to opt for less toxic nail polish. If I can’t afford ethical, natural fabric clothing, I at least try to shop local. Daily choices. Sometimes it makes my head spin.

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