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Barn-Warming….. July 24, 2011

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We have some seriously generous, wonderful people in our lives.  Getting started with this property would have been much harder without them.

We have been gifted lovely outdoor wicker furniture, beautiful wall hangings for the house, plants for our flowerbeds (complete with volunteers who planted them!), and a wonderful dishwasher (can’t believe I’d been missing one of those…..).

All of those things were given to us as house-warming type gifts, to help us get settled in our new home.

But, as my mother pointed out, our home does not just consist of a house.  There is also a barn….and alot of yard.

And so we received barn warming presents as well.

These took the form of fifty-four bales of hay, and five laying hens.  Like I said before, these people are generous.

And to top it all off, we were also given a yard warming gift.  A nice little used john deere lawnmower complete with a red bow tied on it. 

I was starting to feel pretty strange about all of the wonderful things we have received in the past while, and commented to my father in law that although I understood that a flow of giving and taking is how the universe works, I didn’t feel we were giving nearly enough to deserve all we have been receiving.  His response,

 “You have given us four beautiful grandchildren, we can’t top that.”

That comment made me think.  It made me realize that these people all want to help us get started, because they have all been here before, or will be here again.  And that while we may not be able to repay them all in our lifetimes, we will have our chance to give more than we receive in our future, with younger generations. 

Because that’s just how it works.

It truly does take a village.  Not just to raise a child, but to live your life.  We are so very thankful for our village.  You know who you are.



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