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And then there were two…… July 18, 2011

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Yesterday my lovely husband finished my pasture by building the gates.  Yes, he loves me very much.

While he was at the hardware store with our sons buying the hinges we needed to hang said gates (yup, another new purchase, gasp!) I rode my paint mare two concessions from my parents home, to our home.

This is where I will explain that my mare is not in the best athletic condition, having been retired for a couple of years.  And not only has she been retired, her previous job was not very strenuous in the first place.  So the ride took quite awhile, as we walked the entire way.  And when I say walked, I mean I also walked on my feet for part of this “ride”.  I am so glad I have her on my property now so that I can give her the excercise she so depserately needs.

But oh my, the deer flies!  My overweight, lazy friend actually wanted to jog at times, because they were biting her so much!  An aspect of summer trail rides I had totally forgotten about……suffice to say we were both so glad to get home.  And we are both fairly sore today, as I am not in the best riding condition myself after a break of over a decade.  My bum is sore today!

But the best part about our fence being finished and Blessing living here now didn’t arrive until today.  That best part arrived in a trailer, neighing her large, fool head off.  Boy, was Blessing ever excited.  She still is, although her new friend has tried to kick her several times since they met.

My lovely sister, devoted mother that she is, bought her horse crazy ten year old daughter her very own horse last weekend.  When we bought this property I told both my sister and neice that they were welcome to keep a horse here as well.  I had to offer, having been a horse crazy ten year old once myself.  (and now being a horse crazy twenty nine year old….)

So, I introduce you to Luna, the almost-too-large-for-her-owner new addition to our farm.  She seems to be settling in just fine, and I hope she will be a wonderful match for her excited young owner.

My apologies for the craptastic phone pictures.  My camera batteries are dead, and I’m entirely too lazy and impatient to wait for them to charge.



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