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Confessions…… June 28, 2011

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This is the post where I tell you guys the ways in which we haven’t lived up to our Challenge.  Gasp.  I know, I know.  You thought we were succeeding wonderfully, didn’t you?  That I hadn’t bought a loaf of bread at the grocery store in months, right?

Sorry folks, but we are just human.  And I don’t actually like to bake, so……

Here are the confessions that I have thus far for the year.

I will state my blatant disregard for the challenge first, I suppose.  Back in February, I was getting really burnt out from tandem nursing the boys.  I had intended on child led weaning, but really was just done with nursing two (I had been doing so for a year.)  Anyhow, my three year old had been bugging me for a webkinz like his sisters have.  (You see where this is going?)  Yup, he traded in our nursing relationship for a blue dinosaur webkinz, because, as you know, only BIG KIDS have webkinz.  I didn’t even think about this.  I mean, I know webkinz DO NOT fit into our challenge rules, but I really didn’t care.  We jumped in the van and headed to the store as soon as he stated that he was a big boy and would rather have a webkin than nurse.  Mind you, he has tried a couple of times to trade that webkin back in since then…..but I still view it as a worthwhile failure on my part as I am now only nursing one child and Liams’ heart was not broken over weaning.

EPIC FAIL – having Anson pick up taco bell on his way home from work one night back in the spring.  Not only was it a fail in our standards for food, it was also super gross.  Totally not worth it.

I have gone back and forth between success and failure at baking all of our breadstuffs from scratch.  I’d say it’s about even, how often I buy these things and how often I make them at home.

The pets are back on kibble.  The cat started refusing to eat raw and was basically starving himself, so I switched them both back.  I’m happy not to be gagging over their food anymore, though I do still feel guilty about this one.

I bought brand spanking new water containers for the ducks and chickens on a whim while at the hardware store.  I fully expect they are made in china, though I didn’t check.  Yes, I didn’t even check.  Terrible.

I mentioned the new dehumidifier we bought in a previous post.  As this keeps the basement and it’s contents from getting moldy I don’t mind it, though I do wish we had taken the time to find a used one.

I ran out of Dr. Bronners soap and bought regular shampoo from the grocery store.  I miss the Bronners and can’t wait to order more.

We have had to buy new parts for the car, and spend more money on it than I’d like to mention.  This could be an entire post in itself…..but I try not to think about it.

I bought disposable diapers.  We still use cloth most of the time, but there is a box of sposies here for night time, mostly.  That said, we went to Toronto for a weekend recently, and I only took the sposies.  The worst part?  I really, really liked it.  Very cool that they go in the green bin in the city too.  Points for TO.  Boo to me.  I’m pretty burnt out on the cloth diapering thing these days.  No worries though, I will see it through til potty training.

I bought ziploc bags.  Our snack baggies are wearing out, and I was packing food for our weekend away.  I didn’t even reuse them.  Just threw them out.  Yup, I suck.

I bought a new pair of sunglasses.  I couldn’t stand driving without them anymore.  Oh, and while I was buying them, I also bought lipgloss.  Just because.  It was a fun impulse buy, and the girls and I enjoyed wearing it to the wedding we attended. 

I haven’t been to the bulk food store in a couple of months.  Which means I have been using more packaging for peanut butter and such.  This is pure laziness on my part, I find it a hassle to stop there with the four children sometimes.


I buy candy.  Almost every week.  Cheap, non organic candy. Delicious failure, indeed.



1. saird - June 28, 2011

OMG, it cracked me up. My favourite, taco bell, the epic fail. “it was also super gross.” Still laughing.

2. Lindsay - June 28, 2011

Well hey, that’s life ain’t it? 😉

3. Ma - June 29, 2011

Don’t beat yourself up over it — it was an incredibly hard challenge to keep up indefinitely. You are all still amazing and a definite inspiration! Love you, Ma.
PS — Taco Bell has always been gross. Bad, bad choice.

Dianne Dube' - June 29, 2011

Very enjoyable reading Kate. You go above and beyond what most women do ,so do not fret about the little slip ups,we all have them. Remember tomorrow is a new beginning afresh start. Love you.

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