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The Sky…. June 14, 2011

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There are so many things I love about this small peice of the planet we get to call “ours”. 

I love the barn, in all it’s old and spectacular, rustic beauty.

I love the space, the wide openness.


I love how very secluded it is, like an island in the middle of a corn field.


I love the gardens I am able to put in, and the vision of the ones that will come in the future.

I love the creatures we are able to welcome to live here with us.

I love the wildlife that already lives here (excpet for the racoons living in my barn, and I only dislike them because of the threat the pose to our chickens and ducks).

I love the house, and how easy it is to live in with four young ones.

But the thing I love the most?

The sky. 

I didn’t realize how much I had missed it, didn’t realize I missed my view of the sky while living in town, where trees and other peoples homes blocked my view.  Here, I can walk out in my huge backyard and look up, and I feel like I can fly.  It’s the feeling I grew up with, and I am so very grateful to have it back, and to give it to my children as well.

Team Boaks’ stargazing club is scheduled to begin this weekend.  Love it.



1. saird - June 14, 2011

Yep, I agree. The SKY.

2. Dianne Dube' - June 14, 2011

Kate I truly believe that contentment is found in being open to all the beauty all around us ,each and every day. It was created for our enjoyment by our Heavenly Father who ask only that we appreciate and take care of this earth ,and just as you are doing giving thanks with your grateful heart ! I’m so happy that all of you are enjoying your country life ! Please continue to share in your writing your thoughts and adventures. Love your aunt Dee xoxo

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