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A Tulip Tree May 5, 2011

Posted by boaktree in Beauty.
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For quite some time now there has been something in my day dreams.  Something simple, but beautiful.  I like simple, beautiful things.

This thing was a tulip tree.  Preferable outside of my kitchen window so I could gaze at it while I hand wash my dishes.

I always admire these trees in other people’s yards.  I just think they are so lovely.

Anyhow, considering  the time of year we purchased our property, and the fact that I know very little as of yet about plants and trees, I wasn’t sure what the tree outside of my new kitchen window was.  I was happy to have a tree of any sort, to tell the truth.  But, I did have my hopes up.

Anyhow, I stopped by there yesterday, just to look. (I’m a wee bit impatient.)

That tree is in bloom.  I will say again that I don’t really know trees, but it sure does look like a tulip tree to me.  It’s gorgeous.

And a massive improvement over my current view of a very ugly 1970’s style mirror.

Yes, dish washing just got much more enjoyable.  And beautiful.

Because even chores should be beautiful.



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