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On Being “Cool” May 2, 2011

Posted by boaktree in Uncategorized.

I saw on a friends facebook this morning something about how some people automatically think that if someone has a a certain hairstyle, they must be cool.  The hairstyle being commented upon was dreadlocks.  Some people love them, some people hate them, some people really don’t care, and rightfully so.  Truly, the only person that personal fashion affects is the person.  Hence the personal.

My friends issue was that when certain people hear that someone has dreads, the automatically assume that person must be cool.  Someone to meet.  The same could be said for any number of hairstyles, I’m sure there are many people out there who see others with some fancy haircut or hair colour or what have you, and they think the same.  And those same people would probably NOT think that the person with dreadlocks is someone to meet.  I doubt I am wrong in assuming that they would most definately not want to associate with the dreaded person.  But whatever.

Fact is, we attract to ourselves like minded folk.  So someone who is really into a natural lifestlye may not be totally off in assuming they may want to meet that lovely person sporting the dreadlocks at the farmers market.  Maybe they will click.  Maybe they won’t.  If they do, it certainly wouldn’t be because of one or the other of their hairstyles. It’ll be because they have stuff in common.

I have dreads.  I’ve also had a bubble gum pink pixie cut, long flowing locks, perms, spiky short hair, the list goes on.  It’s hair.  I have fun with it.  So far it’s always grown back.

My point is, my hair isn’t me.  It doesn’t make me cool or make me not cool.  It’s what I wear on top of my head because it makes me feel good.  Because I like it.  Not because anyone else does or doesn’t.

And on my friends point – if you ever see me and think you want to meet me just because I have dreadlocks, that’s just silly.  You won’t find them very interesting to talk to.



1. saird - May 2, 2011

“And on my friends point – if you ever see me and think you want to meet me just because I have dreadlocks, that’s just silly. You won’t find them very interesting to talk to.”


2. boaktree - May 2, 2011


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