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Twenty Nine….. April 26, 2011

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I suppose I should write a blog post about my own birthday, don’t you think?

In another hour I will turn twenty nine.  That number seems very strange to me.  Each year I gain a number, even though I don’t really feel any older.  Wiser? Yes.  More responsible?  Maybe. More tired? Definitely. But older?  Not at all.

I’m not really sure how I feel about being twenty nine.  I never really pay much attention to my birthdays, but as I move towards my third decade, they are starting to get more noticeable.

Come along with me while I reflect on what twenty nine years on the planet has brought me.

An enchanted childhood, made even more so by having an enchanted forest to play in.

Said childhood spent with devoted parents.

An older sister who is my best friend.

A passion for horses, made possible by being lucky enough to grow up on a hobby farm.

Some very rough years dealing with depression and a severe eating disorder.

A  teenage pregnancy that totally changed my perspective on life.

Years spent as a young single mother.

A relationship that taught me to stand up for myself and my children, even if it meant being a single parent again.

College.  I may not work outside of the home, but I use the knowledge I gained there every single day.  And I made some fabulous friends as well.

Allowing myself to admit to still loving someone who had hurt me deeply.  Best decision of my life.

Being married to my highschool sweetheart.

Some really, really crappy jobs.  That were also a ton of fun at times.

The opportunity to be a stay at home parent and homeschool my children.  Absolutely amazing.

So, I’m turning twenty nine.  And I’m grateful for every single experience I’ve had during my twenty nine years on this planet.  They have all helped me become who I am at this moment, and to tell you the truth, I’m pretty okay with me these days. 

 That’s the best part about each passing year in my opinion.  Each year gives you a chance to improve yourself, to be a happier person, enjoy your moments more.

Here’s to me!



1. saird - April 27, 2011

Yes here’s to you!

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