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The Fence Fund… April 18, 2011

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I need to buy materials to build a pasture fence.  I really want to move my horse to our property as soon as I possibly can, and that means getting materials together and digging an awful lot of holes.

As per our challenge, I am doing my best to find these materials used, which takes considerably more effort than simply heading to the store.  Also, according to the “rules” of our challenge, I need to find the money for these materials outside of our budgeted expenses. So, what does one do when the debit card and new materials are not an option?

She declutters while she packs!  I’ve been setting aside the things we no longer need/want that I think could benefit someone else, and I’ve been making ads for them.  So far I have the money together for the fence posts I am going to buy (yay for kijiji, where I not only have sold a couple of things, but also found said fence posts!)

I’m also planning to paint the house before we move in.  Okay, that’s not true.  I”m planning to let my talented sister paint the house before we move in.  Which means it will look much, much better than it would if I were the one doing the painting.  This is an area I’m kind of stuck on though, because I don’t know much about paint.  I’d really like to get an eco-friendly paint, but I’m not sure if anything of that sort is available around here.  Any suggestions?

I’m hoping that by the time we move (closing date is May 6th!) I will have enough money raised for my posts, wire fencing, chicken wire, and all the paint we need for the walls and cupboards/furniture we are painting.

When this goal is accomplished I will start a new fund, with some other ideas for income I have up my sleeve.

Which fund is that, you ask?

Why, the horse and pony fund, of course.

 They are herd animals, after all.



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