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2011 Election – Fiscal Prudenc, Moral Bankruptcy April 16, 2011

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I once heard a saying… “If you’re not a communist by the time you’re 20 you don’t have a heart. If you’re not a capitalist by the time your thirty you don’t have a brain.” I am reaching an age where I’m surrendering some of my ideals to realities. In spite of this part of my reality is that I live in one of the greatest socialist countries on the planet. A country that is not simply a winner take all – whoever has the gold makes the rules society, but one that fosters and promotes moral character, or “heart”.
The realist in me, or the capitalist, is sure that Canada is off to a great start steering through potentially hard economic times under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. How much credit lies with the politicians, and how much belongs to Canada’s fiscally prudent banking system is a distinction that is rarely made. Even Harper’s Economic Action Plan has been essential in spurring our economy in the right direction; but fiscal stimulus in times of recession or economic depression is obvious to anyone who snoozed through Macro-Economics 101 and recalls the name John Maynard Keynes.
But I will not cast my ballot for the Conservatives. I will not vote for a party without heart. Twice Stephen Harper has turned tail and prorogued parliament to avoid tough situations (a potential vote of non-confidence in 2008[1] and questioning over the treatment of Afghan detainees in 2010[2]). He lied about not making appointments to the Canadian senate. He hung former cabinet minister Helena Guergis out to dry for reasons that we can only begin to guess. During the leaders debate he repeatedly denied that they were corporate tax reductions in effect. He had us on a technicality there – the changes were legislated in 2007[3]. In Harper’s mind the fact that the tax cuts are rolling out between then and 2012 means they aren’t actually happening right now.
I am going to cast my ballot with a view to future elections. I am going to vote for the Green party. I encourage anyone who would put the environment first in their politics to do the same. You are not throwing away your vote. If the Green Party is able to show a larger and larger total percentage of Canadian votes they will necessarily gain credibility as a political alternative in this vacuum of viable political choice. And another mainstream party in Canada will encourage coalition governments by further dividing our votes, which inherently promotes the multitude of views our population represents (I don’t care if that’s mean more elections in which I get to exercise my rights – I like democracy). I’m not afraid of coalitions – they help many other countries realize multiple political paradigms at once. And/or a stronger Green party will help us to realize the fairness of proportional representation – where a percentage of votes equals a percentage of seats, hence the population’s proclivities are embodied in our house of representatives.

[1] http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2008/12/04/harper-jean.html

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[3] http://ipolitics.ca/2011/01/29/corporate-taxes-at-the-house-returnsa-primer-that-cuts-through-the-spin/



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