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Right Now… April 13, 2011

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While we are constantly looking forward to our move in a few weeks (it’s getting closer!) I am trying to stay focused on the present moment as well.  This means not constanly planning and daydreaming about gardens, fences, paint and animals, though I am doing an awful lot of that. 

It means actually doing something once in awhile.  (packing doesn’t count) 

It means enjoying this moment, right now, for exactly what it is, and exactly where I am.

I remembered that today.  I’ve been forgetting, while looking forward to our new living space and all that it will mean to my life and those of my husband and children.  I’ve been forgetting about Right Now.  And really, we all know that the present moment is all we really have, all that really matters.

Today I sat in my backyard, watching the children play, and soaked up the sun.  Felt it brighten my day, my moment, my life.  Let it fill the space it had missed during the long winter I spent indoors with my youngest.

It felt absolutely fabulous.

And I realized just how very much I love being here, Right Now.  Even though that means that I’m missing out on time I could be spending improving our new home if we had possession of it now, this is perfect.  If we were there, I most likely wouldn’t have been spending any part of my day simply sitting, soaking up the sun and thinking.  I would have been working on any one of the projects on my To-Do List.  (Not that that is a bad thing, I truly can’t wait to tackle that list…)  But, having the time to simply sit, it made me appreciate everything we have, and will have, that much more.

I look around me, at my loved ones, my friends, my experiences, my home, and yes, even some of my stuff

It’s beautiful.

I feel so blessed.



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