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Off to the Library….. March 4, 2011

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This family absolutely loves our local library.  We head up there (convienently it’s just around the block) at least once a week.  Friday afternoons are our standard “library visit” time, though we often pop by at other times throughout the week as well.  But Friday afternoons are special, because that visit isn’t just about grabbing more books for our school work or entertainment.  It’s also time to pick out a movie for family movie night.

See where this is going?  The best part?  We get to keep our movie choices all weekend…..and they are free.  There’s that thriftyness for you.

 Yes, we love the library.  We love that we can find all kinds of resources on the topics of our interest.  We love that we can get our weekend entertainment for free.  We love that it’s all just a hop skip and jump away from our home.

My children love ordering in books online and are so excited when they come in.  I love that almost every item I have suggested the library buy….has ended up on it’s shelves.

I couldn’t imagine homeschooling without access to a library. 

I’ll take that one step further.  I couldn’t imagine raising children without access to a library.  It brings so much into our lives.

Thank you, Chatham Kent Public Library.  This family thinks you are absolutely fabulous.



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