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Pet Food (the 2nd addition) March 1, 2011

Posted by boaktree in In the Kitchen....

I wanted to post an update about how my pets are doing with their homemade diet. 

In one word? Fabulous.

Honestly, I can’t believe the difference.  My cat was obviously allergic to come component of his commercial food, because almost all of his health issues have gone away.  His eyes are bright, his fur is coming back in nice and soft (it had been falling out, poor thing), and he is so happy!  Especially at meal time, he absolutely loves his new diet. 

 My dog as well can’t wait for his food at meal times.  They both gobble it right up (which is also so nice, as I am no longer picking up kibble off the floor all day long as I was when I was free feeding them.)  When eating a commercial diet my shih tzu also had some skin issues (also most likely allergy related) and those have disappeared as well since he has been eating the homemade food.

In all honesty, I would recommend a raw diet to anyone willing to do it for their pets.  I don’t want to eat dry cereal all the time, (in fact I don’t eat cereal ever) so why would my pets want to?  They are not designed to eat that way any more than we are. 

My pets were both having health issues.  I could have simply spent tons of money at my local vets, and given them medicines etc in an attempt to heal them.  Instead, I checked online to self-diagnose them, determined that their issues were most likely allergic reactions to their food, and changed their diet.  And they are getting better, healing from the inside rather than simply having their symptoms treated. 

Obviously if my pets were in serious need of medical attention I would have a professional see them, but in this case I’m very glad I solved the issues myself.

What do you feed your four-legged friends?



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