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So we bought something….. March 28, 2011

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But I promise it was used.  Actually, it’s about fifty or so years old from what I have been told.

That said, we didn’t really think about it long before we bought it.  You might even call it an impulse buy.  This wonderful opportunity presented itself to us, and well, we jumped on it!

This purchase will  help us immenseley in our quest to become more self sustained.  There are big plans in the making for milk goats, laying hens, gardnes, trees,  ponies and much more.

We bought a house.  Situated on 1.7 acres of lovely land.  Complete with a large barn.  Our own little piece of the earth to lovingly care for and nurture. 

 To improve. 

I am so full of gratitude.

And plans.


Ten…. (or A Decade of the Sade….) March 17, 2011

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My first born turned ten this morning at 6:41 am.  Ten.  Myself, I’m in a bit of shock still.  I mean, I’ve known it was coming (she has reminded me quite often) but still.  Ten is a huge deal.  It means, among other things, that she really and truly is not a little girl anymore.  In our family she floats somewhere between team kids and team parents, easily fitting into either role.  While I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming, her lovely laugh (seriously she has the. best. laugh. ever) makes me look quickly at times, to see if I can still see the two year old in her. 

I will be perfectly honest and tell you all that this has been the hardest birthday yet for this Mama.  Goodness am I ever emotional today!  But this whole letting them grow up thing is hard!

My girl gave me a lovely gift last night….and I will share it with you.  For the last few months Sayward has been closing her bedroom door tight each night when she goes to bed.  She’s growing up, likes her privacy, sure thing.  But it’s posed a problem for me.  Each night since her birth, I have always gone in to her room before I head to bed for the night, just to check in and whisper that I love her.  But her door is quite noisy…so I haven’t wanted to open it and thus disturb her sleep.  A few weeks ago I mentioned this to her, just in passing, how I had realized that she was growing up.  She offered to leave it open, but I told her it was okay, I was just a sentimental Mama.  You see where this is going?  That’s right….last night when I went upstairs, her door was open.

How I love that girl.

Four babies has truly made me realize that they grow up entirely too fast.  I know every moment is precious.

Ten years ago it was just this tiny baby and I.  I was an eighteen year old single mother, and I had no idea.  I mean, I’d read about labour and birth and baby care, and I had advice from family on how to care for this tiny person.  But what I had no idea of is what a mothers love is all about.  I had no idea it was possible to love like this.  It is the most fantastic thing.

Becoming Saywards mother taught me alot of things.

She has taught me….

That life wasn’t just about me anymore.

That I had to love myself, too.

That a mothers love is unconditional.

That a child’s love for their mother is unconditional as well.

That it’s okay to make mistakes.  When you know better, you do better.

That trusting my mothers instinct is always my best bet.  Ignoring it is never a good idea.

That she is going to grow up.  Too fast.

That saying “yes” is always more fun.

That everyone is created equal and deserves respect.  Children too.

That becoming a mother at eighteen is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

All sappiness aside….we had a bit of fun today.

We had a lovely dinner, complete with green smoothies…..


and good friends…..

And green icecream to go with the cake!

And of course my lovely girl recieved a small handmade gift from her Mama.  Of which I have no picture.  Of course.  Oops.

Off to the Library….. March 4, 2011

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This family absolutely loves our local library.  We head up there (convienently it’s just around the block) at least once a week.  Friday afternoons are our standard “library visit” time, though we often pop by at other times throughout the week as well.  But Friday afternoons are special, because that visit isn’t just about grabbing more books for our school work or entertainment.  It’s also time to pick out a movie for family movie night.

See where this is going?  The best part?  We get to keep our movie choices all weekend…..and they are free.  There’s that thriftyness for you.

 Yes, we love the library.  We love that we can find all kinds of resources on the topics of our interest.  We love that we can get our weekend entertainment for free.  We love that it’s all just a hop skip and jump away from our home.

My children love ordering in books online and are so excited when they come in.  I love that almost every item I have suggested the library buy….has ended up on it’s shelves.

I couldn’t imagine homeschooling without access to a library. 

I’ll take that one step further.  I couldn’t imagine raising children without access to a library.  It brings so much into our lives.

Thank you, Chatham Kent Public Library.  This family thinks you are absolutely fabulous.

Pet Food (the 2nd addition) March 1, 2011

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I wanted to post an update about how my pets are doing with their homemade diet. 

In one word? Fabulous.

Honestly, I can’t believe the difference.  My cat was obviously allergic to come component of his commercial food, because almost all of his health issues have gone away.  His eyes are bright, his fur is coming back in nice and soft (it had been falling out, poor thing), and he is so happy!  Especially at meal time, he absolutely loves his new diet. 

 My dog as well can’t wait for his food at meal times.  They both gobble it right up (which is also so nice, as I am no longer picking up kibble off the floor all day long as I was when I was free feeding them.)  When eating a commercial diet my shih tzu also had some skin issues (also most likely allergy related) and those have disappeared as well since he has been eating the homemade food.

In all honesty, I would recommend a raw diet to anyone willing to do it for their pets.  I don’t want to eat dry cereal all the time, (in fact I don’t eat cereal ever) so why would my pets want to?  They are not designed to eat that way any more than we are. 

My pets were both having health issues.  I could have simply spent tons of money at my local vets, and given them medicines etc in an attempt to heal them.  Instead, I checked online to self-diagnose them, determined that their issues were most likely allergic reactions to their food, and changed their diet.  And they are getting better, healing from the inside rather than simply having their symptoms treated. 

Obviously if my pets were in serious need of medical attention I would have a professional see them, but in this case I’m very glad I solved the issues myself.

What do you feed your four-legged friends?