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Belle February 11, 2011

Posted by boaktree in In the Kitchen....

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine.

  Belle is a Geurnsey calf, and I’m getting to know her quite well as she shares a barn with another dear friend of mine, Blessing, a paint mare. 

I know that Belle loves to play with the fresh straw when I’m spreading it in their pen.  She especially likes to try to toss it in the air by pushing her nose into a pile and then flinging her head up.  I also  know that she likes to press her nose into my back while I shovel manure.  She likes to show her affection for me (or so I like to think) by trying to lick my face or eat my hair while I pick out Blessings hooves.

I also know that Belle would love to eat my camera.  Not a very cooperative model I tell you…..

Yes, I’m getting to know Belle quite well.  I need to.  When she grows up,  I am going to milk her.

Belle will one day provide several families with fresh milk.  Currently her mother, Sally, does.

Twice a week we get a  pail of milk from friends of ours, Sally’s caregivers.

If you love my milk bottles (I know I do!) they are available at Lehman’s.

 Out of that we make yogurt, ice cream, have cream for our coffee and recipes, and plenty of milk for the kids to drink.  We also make cottage cheese if we are making something that calls for it.  I haven’t yet gotten into making cheeses, and I no longer make butter as we use the cream in our morning coffee.  I hope to begin making those things in the near future.

If i were paying for those items at the local supermarket the cost would look like this….

1 L plain yogurt – (cheap kind) $1.99

2 L vanilla ice cream – – $3.99

2 L coffee creamer/heavy cream – $4.29/L = $8.58 (500 ml of this is used in making ice cream, so let’s take off that cost….total =$6.44

500 mL cottage cheese –  $1.99

6 L whole milk –  approx $10.50 (I’m not positive on this b/c of the difference in brands etc)

Total – $24.91

Our cost for the two pails of milk a week –  (plus my time straining the milk, driving the 10 mins to get it, and preparing dairy products)

Eight Dollars.

I love that our milk and  the majority of our dairy products come from a well cared for cow, a family pet.   I love that they are hormone and preservative  free.  I love that my children call it “Sally Milk.”  (Well, I have to be honest, my three year old calls it “Cow Booby Milk”.)

I think it’s cool that the milk  is hand milked, and look forward to milking again someday. 

And I love that it is super thrifty.



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