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One…. February 9, 2011

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It’s official.  My youngest child, my last baby, turned one today.  He’s fabulous in all the ways only a one year old can be….from his wide open mouth kisses, his hilarious dancing, and the way he “talks” to me without ever using a word of english.  Utterly, and completely fabulous, my Wee Paddy is.

This last baby of mine, he wasn’t expected.  We didn’t plan to have four children.  We thought we were done with number three.  But as I’ve learned through the years and through my pregnancies, these babies seem to come of their own accord.   They also seem to be the ones to decide when to actually enter the world, as this Wee One did this day a year ago.

You see, the thing was, I had never experienced natural labour before.  Due to my own ignorance and the ideal that most doctor’s of wester medicine have of pregnancy having a “time limit” my previous three labours had been induced because I was “post-dates.”  For my fourth babe I was pretty against that idea.  In fact, we were planning on a home birth.

Last year on this day I was having tea with my sister, feeling a lilttle crampy, but not sure if I was “really” in labour.  She insisted that I was….but I just couldn’t be sure because, well, I was used to labour hurting.  Alot.  What I was experiencing was not even comparable to the contractions I had previously experienced.  She did convince me that I was indeed in labour though, so I called my husband to tell him to head home from work (we had been in phone contact all day as he also seemed to think I was in labour long before the idea actually sank in for me)… and then I sent her on her way so I could take a bath. 

So, I was expecting to have a nice bath….husband would come home….midwives would come to the house….nice peaceful birth.  Only it didn’t happen quite as I envisioned.

Out of the bath – by this time I “know” I am in labour.  Starting to get uncomfortable.  Call the midwives.  Only to find out they are all busy with other mums delivering at the hospital.  That, and due to incliment weather conditions (just love these snow storms) they could not come to my house.  Right.  I’m home alone….with three other children….no back-up plan.

Call my Mum.  Please come watch the kids, change in plans, looks like I have to have a hospital delivery.  Lay on the bed.  Ouch.  “What’s wrong Mama?” asks the two year old….”well first of all honey, you’re sitting on my head.  That, and the baby wants to come out now” I answer him through a contraction that is actually starting to hurt.  “Can I nurse?” he asks, ever so sweetly.  I shudder at the thought, and try to distract him through another contraction…I begin to realize time is of the essence, things are picking up very fast.

Husband gets home.  We wait for my Mum.  She is later than we thought….(apparently she stopped for gas, as she figured my labour would be quite long like my previous ones….sorry Mum, you were wrong)

Run out the door as soon as she gets to the house.  In the van.  Breathe.  Not sure if we’ll make it.  Know I’m transitioning.  On the highway.  Have to drive slow becuase of the snow. “Crap, I forgot the camera.” says my husband.  I look at him.  Realize we will have no pictures of those first few minutes.  Know if we turn around we’re looking at an unassisted birth at home.  Don’t feel quite up to that idea. “We don’t have time” I tell him.  Breathe.

At the hospital.  Park.  Stop to breathe through each contraction on the way to the door.  TIme – 4:45.  Nurses desk.   “Is this your first?” asks a nurse.  Head down on the counter, I hold up four fingers.

Into a room….midwife calmly getting ready.  Chit chat….she thinks we have time.  Water breaks.  Stand, face against my husbands chest.  “I”m pushing” I mumble.  He asks me to repeat myself.  Get’s the message.  Get’s me on the bed. Midwife wants to “check me”.  I tell her she can’t, theres a baby there.   One more push.  He’s here.  Time – 5:10.

One year later….I can’t imagine life without him. 

For my lovely little guy I made an outfit for his “Baby” who previously had been naked.  “Baby” is very loved.

And the cake?  Chocolate Banana Bread.  Yum!



1. Anson Boak - February 12, 2011

I love that story. Happy birthday little man!

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