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Seven…. January 31, 2011

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Today I present you with Gracie.  She officially gained the status of a seven year old in the early morning hours while most of us were asleep.  I’m not sure quite how that happened, as I was sure she was still a tiny two year old snuggling me just yesterday…..sigh.  Slow down already would you, time?

I thought I would share how we celebrated her birth and life while still keeping within the guidelines of our challenge.

First….dinner.  My children always get to pick whatever they want for their birthday dinners.  Gracie requested Pogo’s.  Right……we have never had those in our home.  Apparently the one time she has tried them she loved them though, so I did some google searching and found this tutorial (don’t you just love the internet?)  Anyway, I followed along, except I used veggie dogs in place of regular hot dogs.  Ta da!   They were a hit with the whole family!  Homemade junk food – yum!

Second…the cake.  This is the first time I have ever made a cake from scratch.  Looking outside of the box (The Duncan Hines Box to be exact) was a bit scary for me, but we did end up with an edible chocolate cake, which the little miss decorated herself. 

This is the recipe I used.

Third….the gifts. 

The “wrapping” is some of our beloved playsilks.

 In light of the challenge (and the fact that my children don’t actually “need” anything)…I made Gracie an outfit for her Mapelea Doll.

And a little something for the birthday girl herself.

There you have it.  A handmade birthday for my beautiful girl.



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