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What I Didn’t Buy…… January 14, 2011

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I recently realized an area in which we were not up to par for our challenge.  While I cook wholesome foods for the humans in my family…..the four legged members have been ingesting substandard dry kibble.  Which, from what I have read, is the worst of the worst.  Basically, pets that eat commercial pet food are starving for nutrition, even though they are getting enough to eat calorie wise.  (Sounds a lot like processed human food right? – High on calories but devoid of nutrition?) 

 So while we were grocery shopping this week, I did not buy our dear friends bags of dry food.  Instead, our shih tzu has been eating (and loving)  a mixture of turkey and vegetables the last couple of days.  His food is easy for me, as he can eat a lot of the things we eat, I just cut it up small for him and add some meat (which thanks to the leftover Christmas turkey we were given is already cooked.)

  The cat however will pose an issue.  I tried making raw food for him once before following a recipe I found online, and barely made it out of the experience without being ill.  I think the main issue was that I attempted to grind up the raw meat myself, which is a bad idea for someone who  does not eat the stuff.  This time I’m planning on heading to our local butcher and asking them to grind up some chicken for him.  I”m hoping that if I just keep the meat mixture in the freezer I will be able to handle mixing it with the other ingredients and getting it into his bowl for him a couple of times a day without losing my appetite entirely.

While I was reading about the feeding of pets I decided to quickly check into greener options for cat litter as well.  What i found made me feel really bad about the amount of cat litter I’ve purchased over the years.

 Did you know that traditional clay based cat litter is retrieved from the earth through strip mining?  The process of strip mining involves stripping back the top layer of earth to get to the seam of clay.  It is incredibly destructive to our planet. 

That alone would have been enough to convince me to never agian buy standard kitty litter, but there’s more.  The dust from cat litter is made up of tiny silicon particles.  The “bentonite” aspect of the clay is made up of aluminium phyllosilicate (crystalline silica). These silicone particles are a known carcinogen.  Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that.

 We are now using pine litter, which is flushable (if you aren’t on septic, I don’t care what the package says, I”m not putting anything extra in a septic tank) and it is also compostable.  While this is an improvement on what we have been using, I’m hoping to find a self sustained (and thrifty!) option soon.



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