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Full Disclosure January 8, 2011

Posted by jaboak in Introduction, jaboak.

I want to start off my blogging on ‘boaktree’ with complete honesty.

We are trying to share our ideas and explorations through a year, and likely our lifetime while trying to leave a smaller ecological ‘footprint’ on the earth.

So in the interest of full disclosure…  my job title is “marketing coordinator”.  The purpose of my job is sell more stuff. Stuff being our buzz word for the excess material wealth that we believe North American’s inundate ourselves with and in most cases put a net drag on our environment with.

By environment I mean the ecosytem around us, the homes we live in, and the bio-systems that are us.  To me this connection is at the heart of the “challenge”.  It is the admonition that we (not just humans, but me, my wife, our children) are apart of, and can impact our environment.  And that very environment we live in has enormous impacts on us.

Our family, the “boaktree” is not exempt from having more things than we need; but thanks to my diligent, stuff hating wife (I love you DW), we try to keep things of need, quality, and that bring us enjoyment.

I won’t contribute nearly as many practical things to our blog as my wife. She is the main labourer and manager of our busy home, and hence experiences, and applies real world solutions that have a less negative impact on our environment.  Solutions to living life that are sometimes innovative, sometimes time honoured, and often a combination of the two.

And though I won’t contribute any green recipes that emphasize the ethical treatment of food (those won’t really even come from my wife, unless she gets into explaining why she chooses not to eat meat) I hope that I will be able to contribute some ideas that become food for thought.




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